6 Compelling reasons to switch to us


Reason 1: You will save money…but won’t sacrifice quality. 


Sounds impossible? Let me explain. Brisbane Framing is a side business to one of Australia’s largest printing companies (Brilliant Prints). BPro creates thousands of high quality products for most of Australia’s professional photographers. 


Their size means they have the best Swiss-Made CNC Mat Cutters, incredible Italian framing saws, and some of the worlds’ fastest under-pinners. They also buy in such large qualities from framing suppliers, that they get up to 70% discount. 


Most framing shops are paying high rents, can’t afford the most efficient machinery, and buy small quantities of framing moulding. This means that they have to pass all these costs onto you. 


Brisbane Framing gets to use all most efficient equipment, buy beautiful moulds at up to 70% discount, and pays almost no rent. This means we can pass the savings onto you, the artist.


Have a look at our price list here, and rest assured that you are covered by our incredible guarantee.

Want to see our quality?


Register here and we will send you a sample pack. 


Reason 2: We are a one-stop shop (including for shipping!)


We are a one stop shop. Being affiliated with BPro, means that we also get incredible shipping rates (they send over 30,000 parcels a year), meaning we can drop-ship your finished artwork to anywhere in Australia. It also means that if you want to sell high quality reproductions, then we can arrange that for you. 


Reason 3: Genuinely speedy turnaround times without any extra urgency surcharges


On average, we finish all jobs within five working days. If you need something more urgently than this, let us know, and we will move Heaven and Earth to make it happen.


Reason 4: We only work with artists – meaning you will always be our priority


We are a specialist artist-only framer – we have completed thousands of framing jobs for some of Queensland’s top artists. By dealing only we artists, it means we understand exactly what you need in a high quality framing job. We have completed high quality work for several hundred artists, just like you.


Reason 5: We are incredibly easy to deal with


We are located just 12km from Brisbane CBD, with plenty of parking 5m from our door. You can drop off and pickup with ease.  We also offer automatic sms and email  updates for your jobs, so that you can tell clients when jobs are finished, and provide them with shipping details once their job is on the way.  Whether you want a single frame, or an entire exhibition, we can assist. 


Reason 6: You will deal directly with the owner


You will deal directly with the Owner – Brisbane Framing is not a franchise. When you send an email, make an appointment to see someone, or make a call, you will speak directly with Matyas Varadi. Matyas is a fully qualified picture framer who owns Brisbane Framing.