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Why is custom picture framing in Brisbane normally so expensive ?

Most picture framing shops in Brisbane that offer custom framing and canvas stretching tend to be very expensive. This is because they typically have a rented shop, often in a high traffic shopping centre. They then keep hundreds and hundreds of different moulds and mat boards. There is a large cost in holding all of this stock. They will typically have one or two staff who have to be paid full time to wait for customers.

Brisbane Framing is different. We are a side business to an existing business that supplies thousands of photographers around Australia. Our rent is already paid, the equipment is already owned outright, we keep only a handful of the most popular moulds and mat boards and our staff are only paid when they are actually working on your frame (not waiting around for customers to walk in).

This means we can offer you exception quality framing, using state of the art equipment and locally sourced materials at a much lower price than you traditional frame shop. You pay less, but don't sacrifice quality.

We are a real bricks and mortar business and you are welcome to visit us at our showroom.

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